.Analyse and explain specifically how your business will measure and evaluate its performance against the value claimed above.

4.Analyse and explain specifically how your business will measure and evaluate its performance against the value claimed above. To do this,you will apply the Balanced Scorecard measurement tool as specifically as possible.
As we had in mind from the beggining to measure and evaluate our business is a very important point to be succesful, we implemented the CMR software which will keep a track of our performance and will allow us to evaluate it’s performance and to correct any error in a short amount of time and will also gives us an easy connection with our customers at all times.
We are a new business in the market and we know that the competition is tight but we are willing to offer quality services to our customers and want to focus on a point that we think at this time is a weakness for all the top companies, as they have many customers but as per our research a lot of them are unhappy because if they have any issues, getting in touch with the company is difficult for the customers.We took this as a bonus for us and we decided to focus on the permanent link with our customers.
However, we decided to apply the Balance Scorecard measurement tool as it is one of the most efficiency management framework and is used and recommended extensively since 1992 .The BalanceScorecard is used by the top managers to help and to formulate organisations strategy and to measure their performance from the perspective of financial side,customers,business process ,learning and growth.
1.From financial perspective our objectives are to offer quality services for a low cost to attract more customers .The measure that we are going to apply is to promote ourself more on the online world. This will reduce the cost for our expenses and will allow us to offer more for our customers.Our initiative is to offer them 24/h online support to gain their trust and to convince them to choose online services as a way for payment or any others services as it is more effective and convenient for our business ,shareholders and customers to.
2.To achieve our vision our objectives are to offer 100%support and efficiency to our customers.We will do this through our online platform which will keep us in touch with them at all times.Our initiative is to offer amazing quality services for our small number of customers who will help us reach our target to increase the customer figure, and although this may take some time, we know for sure that our quality services will keep them with us for a long time as loyal customers.
3.In order to satisfy our shareholders and customers in both time we need to excel in the quality of our services and in quick response to the customer needs.Our objectives focus on customer satisfaction as this will bring us success, and will increase our business and keep the sharholders content.
4.In order of learning and growth to achieve our vision we have as objectives are to become one of the main fibre broadband suppliers. We plan to do that providing quality services all the time and maintain the low price even when our business will be succesful.Our target is to offer *quality and quantity * at an affordable price focusing on customers needs first not our budget and quick growth because in our vision this will bring us long lasting success.
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