Alcohol & Tobacco: Financial strain or gain to the UK’s Economy

Research proposal of 3500 words based on whether alcohol and tobacco have a strain or gain on the UK’s
Need you to follow the guidelines underneath, and cover all aspects
Your Research Outline encompasses the following with reference to your dissertation topic:
(i) Definition of the topic through a summary of the general focus / motivation of dissertation that should
demonstrate a coherent economics based approach to the chosen topic. The research question(s) to be
investigated should also be clearly explained in this section. [approximately 300 words]
(ii) The development of a theoretical framework literature review which should outline the key aspects of the
relevant economic theory and be fully referenced in relation to origination and application of the theory.
[approximately 1000-1500 words]
(iii) Empirical / Contextual literature review to support the specific methodology or approach to be taken to
answer your research question(s). These should be discussed in terms of a critical summary / discussion of
previous literature. NB only use academically credible studies e.g. refereed journal articles, books, working
papers, government/NGO reports etc. [approximately 1000-1500 words]
(iv) Explain the method and data to be used, which should address discuss issues such as: what methods are
appropriate to answering your research question(s)? What data / variables will you use? Where is it from? How
will you analyse it? [approximately 200 words]

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