International Business Plan Instructions Nerve Stimulators in Spain

International Business Plan Instructions Nerve Stimulators in Spain

  1. Title page
    • states the client organization, selected country, the client’s product, type of legal structure, and the alliance partner
    • date submitted
    • your name
    • course title, course and section number
    • professor’s name
  2. Table of contents
    • page numbers for each major section
  3. Executive summary – 1 PAGE
    • summarizes the results of your analysis and how you arrived at the recommendation
    • belongs on a separate page from the introduction to the report
    • Start your executive summary as follows: “Business Plan for [selected client organization] to enter [selected country] $(size of market in US Dollars) market for [product/service] through a [type of legal structure] with [selected alliance partner].”
  4. Introduction (first page of report body) – 1 PAGE
    • states the purpose of the report
    • explains what the report will do
    • introduces the industry, country, and client’s name
  5. Marketing strategy – 6 PAGES
    • market analysis
    • characteristics of potential customers in the country
    • use of web networks and social media for e-marketing
  6. Governance and CSR – 1 PAGE
  7. Financial projections – 1 PAGE
  8. Strategy implementation – 2 PAGE
  9. Conclusion – 1 PAGE
    • Summary of the recommendations and rationale
  10. Reference
    • APA-style reference page
  11. Appendices
    • if needed

First, select a country from the list in the discussion area as a new market for MediCorp to expand into, and decide on a medical device from the list that MediCorp can use to drive expansion = Nerve Stimulators Spain
To help with your analysis of the industry, you will need to identify the NAICS code for the industry subsector to which your selected  device belongs. As you begin your marketing strategy for MediCorp, first analyze the characteristics of the company’s potential customers in the new market and address the international cultural differences. Now that we know more about MediCorp’s potential customers, we need to examine some key attributes of the company to adequately prepare it for international expansion.
Include the following components in your marketing strategy:

  • selection of new medical device for MediCorp to introduce in the selected country
  • MediCorp’s main competitors in your selected medical diagnostics devices industry in the selected country
  • market and segment growth of your selected medical device over the next three years in your selected country.
  • Where does MediCorp add value as a way of gaining a competitive edge?
  • Recommendation of relocation of one or more activities from MediCorp’s value chain in the United States to your selected country, using Porter’s Value Chain analysis.
  • the legal business entity to market the products in the country (review Modes of Entry for help)
  • impact of the country’s legal, ethical, and cultural standards on MediCorp’s operations in the country (review Governance and Accountability for more information)

Prepare market share estimates for MediCorp’s medical device in the selected country and revenue forecasts for the next three years.
Specify the major factors to be tracked for strategy implementation using the four perspectives of the balanced scorecard: the learning and growth perspective, business process perspective, customer perspective, and financial perspective.
Finally, you will combine your marketing strategy and your financial, governance, and implementation analysis into a final report.

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