Environmental Industrial Management

Part A
Provide an overview of the concepts of corporate social responsibility and sustainability reporting. Sustainability
reporting is a voluntary instrument at present. Assess the costs and benefits of making it compulsory. Integrate
into your discussion at least 3 refereed journal articles1. (Indicated word limit 1000 words)
Part B
Identify 2 two recent Corporate Social Responsibility reports of two UK companies. Compare and discuss (up to
1000 words) how environmental and social issues form the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy of the
organisations. Particular emphasis should be placed on the reporting of Health and Safety issues within the CSR
General Instruction:
The work is to be word-processed, double or 1.5-line spacing Arial or Calibri, 12 Font, aligned to the left hand
of the page and appropriately referenced using the Harvard system of referencing. The length must not exceed
2000 words, excluding appendices, bibliography, etc
Note: Kindly, use the attached guide to Harvard Referencing System as this differs from one university to
Note2: Please write the paper in Britsh English

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