Supply chain logistics management report about Airbus

Module Learning Outcomes Assessed:

  1. Appraise the strategic role of a Supply Chain and the total logistics concept; assess their contribution to an
    organisation’s competitive advantage.
  2. Compare and contrast supply chain and logistics operations when applied to different Engineering Business
    Management scenarios
  3. Evaluate a supply chain’s ‘green’ credentials and the ability of its network to support customer
  4. Analyse the role of technology in the management of a global supply chain
    You are required to submit a management report with a minimum of 2,000 words within the body of the report.
    The word count does not include the title page, contents page, list of figures, reference list or any additional
    material in the appendices; you may only exceed the words within the body of the report by 10%. Your report
    must have a professional appearance and be cited and referenced in accordance with the APA 7th edition.
    Please select an engineering or any manufacturing organisation that you can use as a case study. This could be a
    company that you have worked for, aspire to work for or one that has any particular attraction for you. You will
    need to research the company in some depth so it is important to ensure that there is sufficient information in the
    public domain to enable you to answer the questions shown below as you will need to find out as much as you
    can about the supply chain and logistics strategy currently adopted by the organisation. Please prepare a
    management report that addresses the following points:
  5. Appraise the role of logistics within this organisation and establish how, if at all, their supply chain and
    logistics operations contribute to their competitive advantage (20 marks)
  6. Evaluate the organisation’s supply chain network and discuss its ability to accommodate customers (20 marks)
  7. Compare the company’s “green credentials” in comparison to similar organisations in the same sector (20
  8. Estimate the role of technology in current use and predict how it might be used to further support operations.
    (20 marks)
  9. Provide clear and concise recommendations for the management team (15 marks).
  10. Report structure and format (5 marks).

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