INDUSTRY/SECTOR:Consumer Products and Services

INDUSTRY/SECTOR:Consumer Products and Services
These are companies:
1.Barratt Developments Plc
2.Bellway Plc
3.Berkeley Group Holdings (The) Plc
In order to obtain a good grade the following criteria need to be followed:
1.The introduction gives a clear and specific outline of the expectations and outline of the project. The industry
being analysed is justified in detail in terms of importance to the UK economy. The three companies selected
have been analysed in detail and data to demonstrate their comparability is presented. There is a clear
justification of why these three companies are chosen as a representative sample of the industry. The scope and
size of the companies and the possible impact on the findings of the project are critically evaluated. A clear and
feasible research question is justified by anecdotal evidence and/or literature in the field. The aim fully addresses
and is aligned to the research question. The objectives (4-5) set are aligned to the accounting project and give
specific detail on how the objectives will contribute to the fulfilment of the project aim.
2.The PEST model is effectively used to identify the factors that have shaped the performance of companies in
the industry. Each key factor is analysed and supported by evidence from literature and examples of companies
in the industry. Literature on the key environmental determinants of performance in the industry is analysed and
evaluated in detail. Information from news reports, analyst reports, and SWOT analysis is used to identify and
analyse the Critical Success Factors for companies operating in the industry. There is clear link between the CSF
and PEST
3.The important financial and non-financial measures of company performance are outlined and justified in
detail. The selected measures demonstrate in-depth understanding of the key stakeholders interested in the
performance of the companies. The choice of each ratio (or composite ratio) is supported by data and literature.
Sustainable and environmental measures of company performance are outlined, clearly justified and very
relevant. There is clear evidence of research in the selection and justification of the ratios. The ratio tables
presented are complete. Each ratio table shows data for the three companies for five years.
4.The Gantt chart demonstrates a convincing understanding of the expectations of the final project. The key
tasks, activities and meetings that need to be completed are scheduled and sequenced in a logical manner.
The conclusion is a clear summative discussion of the interim project.
Citation and referencing is accurate, up-to-date and well presented. Authoritative
command of academic / professional conventions appropriate to the discipline.

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