V For Vendetta / Government Censorship

Scenario: You’re just been hired by a major film production company who wants to do a remake of one of these
films. Your job is to view the movie and research the topic of the film.
You must then write a 7–10 page research paper, co complete with source notes and bibliography. Your paper
must include the following ideas:

  1. State the reason your topic is a problem or why it’s important.
  2. Explain what part of the film “got it right.”
  3. Explain the flaws of the film- what parts of the movie don’t jibe with what your research
  4. Explain at least 3 possible solution to your topic’ s problem.
  5. Conclude with what solution you think is most viable and why.
    PLEASE FOLLOW ADDITIONAL MATERIALS: please follow the outline structure for the research paper
    labeled ‘Outline and bibliography,’ ‘Research paper peer edits’ as a checklist for the essay, ‘Research paper topics’
    with instructions to be followed my topic is #4 and is highlighted, and finally I have a few resources on my
    bibliography if you’d like to use I will also attach that to be reviewed labeled ‘bibliography.’
    Please include a citation page minimum of 10 citations of all quotes, paraphrases, and summaries used. (If you
    are looking at a source while typing, you must identify the source.) No source used more than twice for credit.
    Format for bibliography and citation page must both be in MLA format. 7-10 pages, double spaced, one inch
    margins, include at least ten citations (Authors last name, p.) NO USE OF “I,” “you,” or “we” or their
    Please include my last name along with page number in upper right hand margin example: (Gorgis 7)
    please include cover page titled “V For Vendetta / Government Censorship” with included on upper right hand

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