Rogerian Essay

write about, if your opponent (an owner of a restaurant) believes that employees should come to work even when they are sick. Use the Rogerian method to argue against the owner of the restaurant. In the introduction, begin by ingratiating yourself, assure the reader that you are not attempting to change their mind, you are writing merely to explain your position because it has been misunderstood. First body paragraph you write about their position, you must get data correct, and the feelings correct. Use their language, their feelings, say some real compliments and they must sound sincere. Second body paragraph you must write about your view why employees should not come to work at the restaurant while they are sick, but you have to reassure the reader that you are not persuading them, make it attractive to their own values and feelings. In the Conclusion you have to build a bridge, a bridge is a common problem between your POV and the reader’s POV about the situation and fix both of them with one solution. Explain how your view and their view are complimentary and that you will join forces to overcome the argument. And please maintain middle style, don’t express too much emotions while writing. Avoid transition words that express contrast like ” however, instead, on the other hand, etc” Use a real life example in the introduction, and when you add a real like example in the introduction pleaiquse cite it under references.

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