Creative industry of Hong Kong – Can the Creative Industry of Hong Kong be developed through Create Hong Kong?

Creative Industry is becoming more important to the economy. And even the creative economies of Hong Kong
are significantly becoming one of the high value-added economy sectors of Hong Kong.
CreateHK, as the only government department that facilitating the development of Creative Industry of Hong
Kong, should be having a more important role in developing the Creative Industries. However, in review of its
funding scheme and funded projects in the past decade, did CreateHK really develop the creative industries of
Hong Kong? What did they do to develop the creative industries?
Apart from the film industries, funding of CreateHK majorly goes to support the design industries of Hong
Kong. Does Design Industry of Hong Kong special? Or any other specific reason to focus on design industry?
With reviewing the phenomenon of current design industry of Hong Kong, does design industry represent, in
somehow, an epitome of Hong Kong’s creative industry?
On the other hand, by reviewing the funding scheme of CreateHK, especially taking cases from supporting to the
design industry of Hong Kong, is there any missing link between the funding scheme and the actual creative
economy development? By comparing the funding policy of CreateHK and similar funding scheme in UK and
Australia, can we find out the missing link?
At the same time, in this dissertation, by measuring the effectiveness of existing funding scheme and reviewing
the existing evaluation tools from CreateHK, I want to explore on whether CreateHK able to continue its
mission to develop the creative industries in Hong Kong?

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