PUREGYM Product Extension CRM

Assignment Task
This module is assessed through one individual assignment which involves you in the application of key
marketing principles in the development of an outline marketing plan for an existing brand developing into a
new and specific category. The choice of existing brand and new category to move into are up to you but in your
assignment, you need to be able to demonstrate:
1) Why the move into that sector makes sense for that brand
2) Why it is a new category for the brand.
• It can be a product (usually a range) or service and can include nonprofit, business to business and digital
• It cannot just be a range extension (for example a new handbag range for Channel) or new consumer group for
existing products (for example marketing paper newspapers to Millennials).
Assignment Requirements
• The brand must exist already in some form.
• The brand must not be already in the ‘new category’ – even as a test.
• The brand or new market/product can be international, but it is important you are familiar with the market and
can access the data for market analysis easily. Not all countries have the same level of publicly available market
information. Many, but not all, previous students have found the UK easier from this point of view. Note it is not
enough to take one product and expand it into a new country (this is the Global Marketing Assignment next
term) – you need to move into a new category.
• Students on the specialised degree programmes of Digital or Luxury are strongly encouraged to further your
knowledge in these areas through this assignment, for example selecting a luxury brand or premium customer
segment to target, or selecting a digital based product/service or developing a digital based marketing plan.

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