Microeconomics Market Failure and Externalities

Follow the instruction file:
Here is general information.
There should be No PLAGIARISM!!!
The paper is made of two parts. You need to answer question one and two and put it into one paper so they both connect!
Question 1: 1000 words
Question 2: 2000 words
There should be usage of graphs and diagrams.
There should be citations and bibliography in HARVARD style. There should be around 15 sources.
The paper needs to be double spaced.

The paper needs to be based only on GAMBLING.

My markets with externalities will be ONLY GAMBELING!
The paper needs to be two parts:
Part 1: Research task – reading relevant articles and taking notes on gambling.
Part two: Your research extracts and notes to answer two assessment essay questions.

Note: Your response to the second part must relate to your research. It will examine four levels of response to include knowledge and understanding, analysis and evaluation of Gambling

Question ONE: Its needs to be maximum 1000 words. It needs to have research extract(s) of your choice and with the aid of diagram(s), explain why the topic you have chosen (gambling ) may be classed as market failure.
Second Question: It needs to be 2000 words. By Using your research and notes, evaluate what type of government intervention might be best for reducing the negative externalities caused by your chosen topic (gambling) You must refer to more than one intervention.

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