Intellectual Property and copyright

Write a case-study that examines and distinguishes between international and UK copyright law
Purpose Of Assignment
Being aware of international copyright law across different territories is more important than ever
The ability to distribute music in almost every territory across the world has never been easier, due to the
advances in digital technology, so understanding the basic differences in Copyright law is essential!
ou must:
Adhere to the Word-count – 2000 Words
Include a title page that includes: Student name, lecturer name, module name, assignment name, word count
Make reference to your research within the essay (in-text citations)
Include a reference list and bibliography
Adhere to the Harvard referencing system
The case study will:
Explore the history of international (germany )copyright
Highlight a number of differences between international (germany) and UK copyright law
Make reference to various conventions/treaties, such as the Berne/Rome/Paris Conventions, and WIPO
Discuss a range of music and copyright related cases that support and help to illustrate the differences being
Discuss methods artists, labels and publishers use to protect their copyright across multiple territories
How copyright has been and is now protected across borders
Essential research resources to help with this task:
Anne Harrison – Music the Business (UK perspective)
Donald Passman – All You Need to Know about the Music Business (US perspective)
Copyright Service UK – International Copyright Protection
UK – Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988

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