Gender inequality

Simply, this course should leave you thinking about the world differently and ideally this will allow you a more critical view of topics such as ethnicity, gender, inequality, class, etc,.

Thus, this assignment, worth 20% of your grade, asks that you use your camera and take a photo reflecting topics discussed in class and write up an accompanying report. Please read and follow the instructions written below carefully for more information:

  1. First identify which major topic you would like to address in your photo essay. You may pick one of the following topics: culture, youth, pop culture, class, gender/sexuality, race, reviance, inequality, implicit bias.
  2. Do not take photographs of other people unless you are extremely professional and you ask permission with informed consent first. Remember to be P.G. in your photos, be tasteful, professional, and academic.
  3. In deciding what to photograph think about how sociology could help explain just about anything if you have a theoretical imagination.
    *For example, say you have an extensive collection of makeup and hair products you could photograph this and use the photo to help explain gender assumptions/roles/norms and perhaps reflect on Goffman’s impression management or theories of inequality in feminism to explain the significance of your photo.
  4. Your assignment should be at least 4 pages in length, double-spaced. This includes your photo, sized to just a little less than half of the first page and placed at the top. Then your essay explaining it should be broken into paragraphs like this:
    Introduction: Introduce your photo and provide a concise thesis statement about why you chose to photograph your subject
    For example you might say: I have chosen to photograph my makeup collection as part of this photo essay. I have done so because I believe there is sociological significance in the process of wearing makeup and being expected to wear makeup. My photo shows eyeliner, blush, etc, In this paper, I will relate a major theme of sociological thinking with a social theory and provide commentary throughout about how makeup and my photo display aspects relevant with impression management as stated by Goffman (1959) and how this further raises questions about gender roles, expectations, and performances.
    Body paragraph 1: Discuss which major theme from the course you believe is reflective in your photo and why. (In the case of the makeup, the example is gender/sexuality)
    Body paragraph 2: Which theory or theories help in explaining why your photo represents the major theme from the course you have chosen. (In the makeup example I have chosen impression management)
    Conclusion: List and reflect on some reasons why a sociological imagination helped you look at your world differently and how this was shown in your paper/photo.
    Students will be graded on originality, professionalism, proper writing (including edited grammar and spelling), using proper APA Citations and consistent referencing in theiquir paper and overall presentation.

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