Explain how Zara uses that approach and how it provides a competitive advantage

Assessment brief
• The assignment consists of two questions on the Zara case study:
• Ferdows, Kasra, Jose Machuca & Michael Lewis (2014) “Zara: the world’s largest fashion retailer.”
• The answer to each question must be in essay format. The suggested length is 750 to 1,000 words for each answer.
• All submissions must be made through Turnitin. The link as well as this brief and the case study are all available on the assessment tab in Blackboard.
• To pass the module, you will need to do well enough on this assignment to get an overall grade greater than or equal to 50%. This assignment is weighted at 70% – as was the original individual report. The correct grades are all on Blackboard (plus whatever extra marks you may have garnered as a performance bonus from the first simulation).
• If you pass, your grade will be capped at 50.
Grading Criteria
• This is an individual assignment.
• You will be graded on:
– The quality of critical analysis as opposed to mere description.
– Your understanding of the theories and concepts underlying each question, your ability to explain them clearly and succinctly, and your application of them to the Zara case study.
– The comprehensiveness of your answer.
– The structure of your answer and the quality of the English.
– Properly referencing your sources using either Harvard or Chicago styles.
• NOTE: You may use any relevant sources for the theories and concepts you apply and discuss. HOWEVER, all information on ZARA must be drawn from the Case Study. No other sources on ZARA may be used.


Answer both of these questions. Each is worth 50% of the total grade.

  1. Both manufacturing and supply chain operations can be oriented around either a “pull” or a “push” approach. Describe these two approaches and indicate their advantages and disadvantages. Identify which approach is the one that Zara primarily uses. Explain how Zara uses that approach and how it provides a competitive advantage. (50 marks)
  2. Zara places a great deal of importance on collaborative working. Critically discuss this approach, using the concepts of facilities layout, information sharing, and autonomy. (For autonomy, refer to Dan Pink’s Ted talk, accessible through the PPT slides for week 9.). (50 marks)

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