Feminists economics

(1) Key Info – This file includes all of the information that isn’t default structure (so the participants used, the
factors used etc).
(2) Proposal Assignment Brief – This is a brief given by the uni for the assignment
(3) Proposal Marking Guide – Straight forward; it’s a mark scheme pretty much
(4) Literature – What We Know – This file include all of the research I’ve done myself (The factors that
have/have not influenced attitudes towards a brand based on CELEBRITY endorsements – The measures used in
questionnaires in these pieces of research – The factors I will be using and the justification for it)
This piece of work is a RESEARCH PROPOSAL. So there should be an implicit argument in the intro to justify
the research being conducted.
Overall Aim: We want to test whether digital influencers can present as powerful brand/product endorsers; if so,
what factors make them powerful endorsers (So we’re using the celebrity research to justify doing the digital
influencer research)
-Font Size 10
-Line Spacing 1.5
-I’m requesting 3 pages (because I was advised to) BUT I only need 2 pages with 1.5 line spacing
(IMPORTANT; Don’t overwrite!)
-References (Include as many as you see fit in addition to my own; I’ve included the links for the research I used
but not the references)

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