Event and Festival project management, design and operations

Write a report which provides an overview of your event teams proposed online
event to demonstrate event feasibility. Using academic literature to support your choices,
justify the rationale for your event and outline the structure your event will follow. You should
present a detailed overview of your specific area of responsibility, using academic literature
and any supplementary materials to critically analyse the event itself and the
management decisions you have taken in your area.

Please structure your report using the BEaM Report Guide and include the following:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Contents
  3. Introduction
  4. Outline of the event, including a critical analysis of:
    a. Hierarchical model
    b. Event rationale
    c. Event stakeholders
    d. Event environment and infrastructure
    e. Event programme
  5. Critical analysis of management decisions for your specific area of responsibility
  6. Conclusion
  7. References
  8. Appendices

Supplementary materials can include, but are not limited to tables, statistics, marketing materials such as posters or social media accounts, prospective budgets, risk assessments, floor plan, design mocks, questionnaires and resulting data, pictures, meeting minutes. These can be included in the body of your report or as appendices. Supplementary materials and appendices do not count towards your word count.

my specific area of event is event design which needs to include the 6A’s,atmosphere etc.

my event is a lady’s day in online event.we are looking to have a 2 hour maximum event through zoom that included makeup, hair, nails and fashion tips and small tutorials with guests speakers in the beauty industry giving these videos and tips. hopefully in April 2021

include in the outline briefly risk management is done by Kay, stakeholder management is Linh, Iva is promotional strategies and Kirsteen is budgeting and sponsorship as its a group event being planned

you also need to know that we expect to have 5-10 sponsers, ticket price will be £15-£20 pound. profit will be around £300, we look to have 35 attendees, risk we might come into is technical difficulties. zoom bombing or stakeholders not showing up. we anticipate no volunteers needed. we will need to manage stakeholders and attendees between us.marketing aim is to have facebook and instagram to reach out to attendees through posts and hashtags

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