C-chain length and its effect on the wave number and chemical shift

This is a research paper or Internal Investigation for the IB program. It’s a very specific type of research paper with specific criteria that are graded, I will upload those criteria in a document called IA Student Guide below as well, some of its suggestions on the experimental procedure can be dismissed as this isn’t a lab experiment, it is using online databases to gather data and making graphs and calculatios and comparative analysis based on them. It is for Chemistry and it is a look into the C-chain length and its effect on wave number and chemical shift using data available from online databases, those databases will also be available in uploaded doc and several of them should be used! If the ones provided don’t have the data needed the writer should find others that do.

Since the IB likes for these research questions to be very narrow and specific if the writer can make the aim even more specific that would be great, it shouldn’t be too broad. I will also upload an example of a database research paper that scored well as well as one of the grading teachers’ comments on the content. Most important is that the chemistry is solid and each criterion is specifically fulfilled. Please as the writer make sure to read the uploaded files and follow the expected outliiqune for this type of research paper.

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