How could the debate around inclusion be informed and/or enlightened by the use of theoretical concept like recognition?

  • our self images, our identity depends on the way other people see us and treat us.
  • MUST define education AND identity AND recognition (do you agree or disagree with those definitions?)
    -the way other people are depends on the image I project onto them.
  • ‘mutual recognition as the bond of society’ – Society can only exist in reciprocity (Axel Honneth, Herbert
    Mead) “I learn who I am in the mirror that are the actions of the others towards me”
  • an introduction identifying the social issue and the educational question you are addressing
  • an analysis which demonstrates your knowledge and understanding of the social issues and its relationship to
    the experience of education
    -an investigation which shows your critical engagement with the educational issue resulting in your reflection on
    possible professional responses.
    -an appropriate conclusion which summarises the position you have taken
    -a well-written narrative in which ideas flow clearly and coherently
    -in conclusion include limitations on research found
    INTRO –
    (what?) clearly introduce the quetsion that will be answered
    (why?) what is the problem you want to discuss, and why does it need to be discussed? why is it important?
    (How?) what is the method that will be used to answer the question and what is the material you draw on?
    (roadmap) “I am going to do ‘this’ in this essay…”
    CONCLUSION – give an outlook for future research (what questions remained unanswered, what research needs
    to be done now, how could the given answer be improved, etc.)
  • reflect on limitations of the essay (word count, can’t read everything, etc).
    Quote from lecture – The bond that holds people together in a society is founded on more than just living with
    each other as neighbours: Who we are as individuals does depend in many ways on the way others are seeing
    and treating us. Our self-image, our self-identity, our personality is shaped in manifold ways through the
    interaction with the people that surround us, and the effects of this communal life can be seen in the ways we see
    ourselves, in the ways we treat ourselves and others. The lecture and the seminar will explore those social
    relations and the influence they have on the development of a person.

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