Longitudinal studies of adult developement

Schaie, K. W. (2005). What can we learn from longitudinal studies of adult development? Res Hum Dev, 2(3), 133-158.

Please first provide a brief summary of the study. As part of your summary, please explain the main ideas, topics, concepts, etc. that are expressed in the study. If a specific study design is used (e.g., correlational, experimental), please describe the methods used in the study. Finally, you should provide an overview of the findings and conclusions of the article and the implications that can be drawn from it. (7 points)

Next, I would like you to compare and contrast the points, topics, concepts, etc. discussed in the article with those we have discussed in class. Discuss how the article relates and/or does not relate to the information you have gathered from our class so far. As part of this, you MUST think critically. Points will not be awarded for saying “the article was spot on” or “everything was the same.” You need to think more deeply about the material and tell me WHAT SPECIFICALLY was similar or different and HOW it was similar or different. You should include 5 points of comparison/contrast, and each point you make will be worth 2 points for a total of 10 points.

Finally, I would like you to provide a personal reflection. This can take any form, though you may wish to bring up factors such as the real-world relevance and the personal impact of study. While I do not necessarily have a preference for how you make your personal reflection/connection, your response should reflect critical thinking and have sustenance to it (i.e., be thorough). Reflections that merely state things such as “I liked/did not like the article” or “I thought the article was good/boring” will not receive full points. You should be able to come up with 2-3 points on why did liked/did not like the article and/or how the article is personally relatable to you. (7 points)

Please submit your article summary to D2L in a .docx file. Your response should be well-written (i.e., free of spelling/grammar errors) and should be AT LEAST 500 words. A thorough, well-written response will likely have more than 500 words. The document should be in APA format (1 point for using correct grammar/APA), including title page and reference page. Examples of how to write in APA format can be found in the APA-specific PowerPoint on D2L. BE MINDFUL OF QUOTING AND PLAIGIARISIZING! As students often struggle with putting information into their own words (which prevents them from making those personal connections), I do not allow the use of direct quotes for these assignments. Afterall, I am interested in what YOU have to say. I will take 3 points off for any quoting or paraphrasing.

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