Equity and the law of trusts

Part A – 1500 words

Dr Banner was a scientist, famous for his top-secret experiments with gamma radiation and for being a shareholder in the power company, Hulk Energy, one of the country’s largest providers of green energy solutions. Approximately one month before his death, he spoke to his long-serving colleague, Dr Sterns. He said: “I hope you know how grateful I am for your help and support over all these years; to express my gratitude I will hold 50 of my shares in Hulk Energy on trust for you.” Dr Banner died last week, leaving a will containing the following provisions:

a) One page of findings from my collection of experiments to each person who requests one, provided that my executors are satisfied that the person making the request is a true scientist;
b) £50, 000 to my brother Clint, trusting that he will use it to help our mother in her time of need;
c) My shares in Hulk Energy to my friend Thor;
d) £50,000 on trust to be distributed within one calendar year to such promising young scientists in the UK as my executors shall in their absolute discretion select;
e) The residue of my estate to my dearest friend Natasha.

Advise Dr Banner’s executors as to the validity of the provisions in his will and whether the 50 shares in Hulk Energy belong to Dr Sterns, or whether they form part of Dr Banner’s estate.

This answer must assess the validity of each provision and the 50 shares. Lots of UK common law should be used to answer this question and use supporting journal articles should be used when appropriate.

Answer each part separately as such;

A) point, evidence (case law) and explanation.
B) …
C) …

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