Distracted Driving

Write a persuasive essay of 600 – 750 words (2.5 – 3 pages) about Distracted Driving – Should the government
ban texting while driving?
The essay must do the following:
o Provide background information (events, important persons, controversies etc.) so that an uninformed reader
may understand the context of the issue/topic and your approach to it.
o Indicate clearly the purpose of the paper to persuade a reader that you have taken a sensible position on an
o Include a clearly stated thesis sentence.
o Support the thesis with clearly relevant content in the paper’s paragraphs so that each includes more than one
supporting idea and several specific examples and illustrations.
o Integrate relevant reference materials as summary, paraphrase, or quotations and include your interpretations
of these references to demonstrate their relevance to the topic.
o Attribute and document accurately all information from sources.
o Draw an informed conclusion based on the reading, your sources, and, if
appropriate, your own experience.
o Include correct internal and ending reference information following MLA format requirements.
• Proofread your essay to identify and correct major grammar problems like sentence fragments, run-on
sentences, comma splices, etc.
• Please use these sources
and https://0-icof-infobaselearning-com.libcat.sanjac.edu/icofnewstopic.aspx?reutersID=443205&tab=3&hd=1704

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