Resources And Reward


This consists of a 2,500-word (plus/minus 10%) academic essay – containing a 6 paragraph structure made up of an introduction, three body paragraphs, conclusion and reference) based around an area of topical of interest for HR and People Resourcing/Rewards. Please select one of the topic choices below. You will be expected to carry out academic reading and research and supplement this with contemporary professional, practitioner and news-based sources. Some dedicated time has been set aside within the module to assist with coursework preparation.

  • Exits from employment, of whatever type, involves not only the loss of an employee’s capacities but also the need for the organisation to manage consequential human resources and human relations issues.
  • Effective performance management will need to address changes in organisational structure and composition in relation to an increasing global and competitive market with a diverse and ageing workforce. 
  • In what ways might the traditional or systematic approach to employee selection result in decisions that discriminate against minority groups?
  • Equal opportunity approaches and the management of diversity are best viewed, not as alternatives, but as complementary approaches which need to be interrelated.  
  • What you build today and how you build it determines the future of the organisation. How relevant is this statement to recruitment and employer branding?
  • Consolidating/strengthening the ability and competencies of employees and the capability and capacity of organisations to accomplish defined target is key task for the HR function. How can organisations ensure they have the best chance of retaining the people they employ?  

Coursework learning outcomes

  • To demonstrate effective research skills to identify relevant information to support the question requirements
  • To demonstrate a sound theoretical knowledge within the question field
  • To illustrate currency of thinking with the use of recently published literature and contemporary perspectives
  • To present arguments in an effective way and offer a critical examination of the topic area
  • To demonstrate complete and consistent referencing, identifying and correctly recording all sources utilized, along with any additional reading
  • To demonstrate articulate writing and to adopt a logical structure and clear presentation

Assessment criteria

Your assignment will utilise recent academic literature, which should underpin your arguments. You should show evidence of an exploration into current theoretical and professional models, debates and studies that would help you analyse the issue. Assignments should be 2,500 words in length and must be word–processed. The word count should be printed on the front cover. A tolerance of 10% above or below the word count is acceptable and will not incur penalty.

Coursework assessment criteria 

The submitted work should show a balance between theory and its practical application and will be marked against the criteria below. Please include a word-count on the front cover.

  • Understanding of the literature 25%
  • Linking theory to practice 25%
  • Evidence of analysis and critical evaluation 25%
  • Structure, writing and presentation 10%
  • Good academic practice 15%

Please refer to the coursework level descriptors at the end of this guide; you can use these as a self-check mechanism prior to submission.

Coursework submission: Friday 27th November 2020.

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