Initiate and Lead Applied Research

BSBRES801 – Initiate and Lead Applied Research

Assessment 2

Assessment 2.1

For this assessment task, each students is to identify an organisation that they can use to consider innovation drivers and their implications.  This organisation may be any organisation or workplace to which you have access alternatively it may be simulated organisation.  

Your submitted assessment should be written as a report addressed to the CEO of the organisation.  The report should be written using Word format.

This project requires you to construct a research strategy which includes:  

  • a clear and detailed statement of the research purpose and question or hypothesis being investigated, and how it meets the needs of the target group,
  • a description of the geographical, cultural, social or institutional context within which the research will be carried out,
  • a clear and detailed statement of the policies and procedures for conducting the research which includes consideration of all ethical requirements relevant to the context and how the data will be collected and stored in a systematic way to meet organisational and policy requirements,
  • a description of the research methodology and data collection and analysis methods, population or sample size and which includes an analysis of factors affecting the integrity, validity and reliability of the research, and
  • an analysis of the limitations of the research within the specific context which were considered when designing the research question and procedures, and 
  • evidence of your consideration of a range of available research tools, resources and techniques appropriate to the context.  

Assessment 2.2

For this assessment task you need to demonstrate your capacity to review and evaluate a range of applied research methods and data collection techniques.

Your submitted assessment should be written as a report addressed to the CEO of the organization.  The report should be written using Word format.

Each students is to:

  • Compile a report of your review and evaluation of applied research methods and techniques used in an organisation.  Include at least two research methods and at least two techniques.
  • Select methods and techniques which will optimise the collection of useful data for your specific research topic.
  • Document a justification for methods and techniques selected.  
  • Design two data collecting tools for your research project which are examples of the techniques selected.  Include the required specifications for participants, supporting documents and instructions, and the proposed analysis procedures.
  • Collect data using selected techniques.  Conduct a review or field test of the tools with fellow students, colleagues or selected experts from within the organisation.  
  • Document any modifications made and why these were made.

Assessment 2.3

Assessment 2.3.1

Compile a research report which includes detailed description of the following:

  • Aims of the research, the purpose and context of the project including who initiated the research and who it was for.
  • Research one or more question or hypothesis, including any policy or ideological context, or personal views.
  • Research strategy including a justification for the approach used.
  • Data collection techniques.
  • Data analysis and findings including any threats to the integrity of the data, trends and challenges.
  • Implications of the research for practice and evaluation of how the research will impact on the organisation or learner group.
  • Discussion including the extent to which the research findings can be generalised to apply in other settings.
  • Identification of any further research required and appropriate approaches.
  • References. 

Your submitted assessment should be written as a report addressed to the CEO of the organisation.  The report should be written using Word format.

Assessment 2.3.2

Prepare a presentation of your research and findings from Assessment 2.3.1.  Your presentation should be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation delivered to your fellow students.  

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