Report that outlines proposals for intensive product’s growth

Assessment 1 – Coursework

Heading: Coursework One

Value: 50%

Length: 2,000 words (excluding references)


You are the Head of Marketing for a successful craft beer company that has steadily been growing since it was established 5 years ago. The company is keen to grow further, and market conditions suggest the time is right for expansion. Your task is to prepare a report for the Board of Directors that outlines proposals for intensive growth.

The report should include: 

  • A brief description of Ansoff’s product-market expansion grid 
  • A detailed evaluation of opportunities for market development
  • A detailed evaluation of opportunities for product development
  • A detailed evaluation of diversification opportunities
  • The purpose of the evaluations is to identify the strategy most likely to succeed and with the least amount of risk. 
  • You will need to consider
    • The profiles of your current and potential consumers
    • Your current and potential competitors
    • The size of your current and potential market(s)
  • Having explored opportunities, put forward one proposal for growth with justifications for its selection including a SWOT analysis.
  • Reference to models, frameworks and theories used to underpin the arguments advanced.

Note in Assessment 2 you will be focused on the marketing communications for your new product launch (or market entry).

Learning outcomes assessed, module aims met, and transferable and employability skills:

This assignment allows students to cover key theoretical and practical concepts of marketing management. Students are required to understand theoretical assumptions made by seminal marketing management theorists and are encouraged to creatively apply such knowledge to their understanding of marketing management. Students further learn to critically reflect upon their role as consumers and how to utilise such knowledge in a subsequent career in Marketing. As such, it supports the learning processes of synthesising theoretical perspectives and applications.

The task assesses achievement of the following learning outcomes:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the role management plays in marketing strategies and campaigns
  • Apply marketing principles to evaluate and discuss different marketing strategies
  • Understand the role of culture and marketing in the global marketplace and their role in relation to management activities

Skills required for this assignment relate to research (identifying practice), IT (using ICT software), communication (academic writing skills) and subject-specific knowledge (exploring a topical issue in marketing communications).

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