The Challenges of rating ESG Perfomance”. “Why ESG ratings matter and how companies use them”

Type of paper is Synthesis.

The subject for which we need to do this task is academic writing and presentation skills.

The person who will be do my job firstly should read my synthesis, if it turns out to be incorrect, then “Writing a work from scratch”, if there are not a large number of mistakes in the paper, then she/he can ” Edit/proofread ” 700 – 800 words. The paper should include references as required in APA 7th edition.

Criteria for synthesis evaluation Points Score 1 Introduction and clear indication of all sources (authors, year, titles, publications) used for synthesis. 10 2

Thesis formulation: clearly formulated thesis conveys the students’ purpose and names the point the students intend to address.

15 3 Organisation shows the relationship among sources. (In each para more than one source is used)

10 4 The ideas of the sources are presented logically, concisely and accurately in student’s own words, they are introduced and explained.

10 5 Claims are supported and referenced to the text. Citation is accurate and correctly documented.(in-text citation)

15 6 The relationship between student’s thesis and each major point in the synthesis is clear. (Transitions are clear.)

10 7 Objective tone and language are used.

5 8 Grammar, punctuation, spelling, style are correct. 10 9 Sentence structures are appropriate.

5 10 APA requirements are followed (page formatting, references, paper structure) 10

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