Topic: Issues in the workplace

Paper details:

APA 7th Edition Final Research Paper Due (enter date)

The first step before writing the paper is to review and identify three out of the five foundational theorists. One of these theorists should be the one you select for your project and you can use additional leadership theorists to support your analysis. The paper should contain the following: • Title Page • Introduction •

Literature Review a. Identify three out of the five foundational theorists and discuss how their background, theory, and provide an example. o Three Theories: •
Administrative theory by Henri Fayol (see references below)  Human Relation theory by Elton Mayo  Bureaucratic Theory by Max Weber b. Write on the current research for the three theories you selected and how they are being used in organizations today. Make sure to include current organizations and examples.

• Organization Background a. Provide detail information on the organization such as location, year established, number of employees, etc. o Pharr San Juan Alamo Independent School District (see attached link)  Administration building in Pharr, Tx but the entire district is comprised of 2 other cities San Juan, Tx and Alamo, Tx  Est. 1919  # of total employees 5000(Professionals, Paraprofessional, Auxillery, and Subtitute Teachers b. Identify an issue/problem within your organization (place of work). • Placement of staff without prior approval

• Lack of funding for antiquated controls at campuses c. Identify which one of the three theorist you previously wrote about you are selecting to help resolve your issue(s). You will have a primary from the original five (5); however, that does not mean you cannot utilize additional leadership theories to support your analysis. • Recommendation(s)

a. Develop recommendation(s) by applying the best theory of the three you selected and explain why you selected it to help solve your issue.

b. Make sure you provide an in depth explanation of the issue and how your recommendation will impact the department and/organization. This area will demonstrate how you are applying your knowledge gained in the program and how as a leader in your organization will benefit

. • Conclusion a.

Provide an overall summary of the entire paper in one or two paragraphs. The paper should also contain the following:

1. Write a minimum of an (8) full page paper that is double spaced and Times New Roman 12 size font.

2. Include a cover page that includes the title, your name, course name, Dr. Emma Miller, and date.

3. Only peer reviewed journal articles can be used from the library. That means you will be required to use your online databases so contact your STC librarian if you are unsure how to access them.

4. You must use a minimum of six references.

5. Make sure you cite no more than 2-3 in-text citations. Emphasis on paraphrasing.

6. Include a reference page using APA format 7th Edition.

7. You will have a minimum totiqual of ten (10) pages.

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