Introduction section: Full credit will be given for only including all of the following:
(1) relevant information that introduces your topic;
(2) statements about the background information for your articles;
(3) in-text APA citations; and
(4) the purpose of the literature review (including a graphic organizer)
Body of the paper: Full points will be given for including all of the elements:
(1) you have divided your paper into at least 2 subtopics and used these as supporting section to the introduction of your topic;
(2) key points about the goals of each study/paper and relevant findings are included in each supporting section;
(3) each subtopic supporting section includes the APA in-text citations for each study/paper; and
(4) the information is brief in order to guide your writing for the first draft
Concluding section: Full points will be given for including all 3 elements:
(1) a summary of the main points from your review of all the studies/papers (including the appropriate APA citations);
(2) limitations that came out of your review; and (3) recommendations for future research
Paraphrasing and APA reference section: Full points will be given to outlines that have the appropriate information paraphrased (i.e., put into your own words and NOT copy and pasted) for each study/paper; and has a complete APA reference section10
APA Formatting: Full points will be given for including all of the following elements:
(1) your name, title, course name and semester;
(2) 1-inch margins;
(3) 12-pt Times New Roman font;
(4) double spaced (using a running head and page numbers are optional)

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