1918 pandemic

In light of the current coronavirus pandemic, many questions have been raised about the similarities of this situation with the 1918 Influenza Pandemic. You will write a paper on this topic addressing the concerns below.  You must use at least seven SCHOLARLY sources (not Wikipedia or an Encyclopedia) in your paper.  I have included some sources for you on Canvas. You will cite your sources using Turabian format.  

Please double-space your paper and use Times Roman font size 12.  

Word count must be 1250-1500 words, not counting the notes and Bibliography.  Type the word count on the first page of the paper (not including notes or Bibliography)

You need to have either a footnote or endnote for every citation. Footnote numbers are sequential. They do not repeat even if citing a source for the second or third time. Please look at the examples carefully.

You need a separate Bibliography page that lists all the materials you looked at even if you did not use them in the paper.  Authors are listed in order by their last name.

You do not need a cover page.

In your paper, you will cover the following topics.

  • Research the 1918 pandemic and the coronavirus pandemic. 
  • Discuss the historical circumstances surrounding each of these pandemics. 
    • Where did it start?
    • How did it get started?
    • How was it spread?
    • What areas were hit the hardest and why?
    • How many people contracted the virus and how many died or are expected to die?
  • What actions were taken in each situation to combat the virus and its impact?
  • What actions worked and did not work?
  • What was the reaction of the people to their government’s efforts to combat the virus?
  • Did we learn anything from the 1918 pandemic that has helped us in this pandemic?
  • What lessons can we learn from these two situations?

I realize that we are still in the midst of the current pandemic so you may not have all the answers but do your best to address where we are at this time.

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