Individual Research

Individual Research Paper Guidelines, Fall 2020
25% of your course grade; due via Bb
You are writing these research papers in order to analyze a particular environmental issue for business and make
recommendations to business executives. Don’t be vague and say things like “reduce pollution” or “improve
water quality”– how would you recommend this be done? What are the business benefits? What are the business
risks if action is not taken? The more specific your recommendations, the better.
Background (~1 page): Describe the environmental issue clearly and succinctly. Use data, statistics and credible
sources to strengthen your argument (e.g., peer reviewed articles, academic and government reports).
Analysis (~2 pages): Describe why the issue you have selected poses a business risk for the company or industry
you selected? (e.g., examine current or potential regulation, changing customer expectations, investor pressures,
competitor actions, etc.) Why should the company address this issue as soon as possible?
Options (-2 page): What sorts of options does your company executives have in dealing with this environmental
problem? (“Do Nothing” may be an option as well.) List the pros and cons in terms of business impacts of each
option– again, be specific. What strategies and approaches/tools do you recommend for the company/industry to
apply in addressing the problem? How would they affect your selected company/industry sales and profits?
Recommendation (~1 page)
Which option do you recommend and why? Aim to make a business case for taking action; include not just
standard indicators such as payback and return on investment but also intangibles such as improved reputation,
ability to attract and retain talent, customer recognition, license to operate, etc.
You need to cite any fact or argument that is not original (footnotes are preferable to endnotes) and you should
use academic references like journal articles, books, and newspaper articles. Wikipedia is NOT an academic
source, nor necessarily is any random web page – make sure your information comes from a reliable source.
Make sure you use at least 6 references that come from a variety of sources and are up to date. Your paper
should be about 6 pages (2x-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12 pt. font, etc.), excluding the bibliography, figures, tables
and references.

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