The movie “Repentance”

This assignment will have you analyze the Georgian film Repentance, which is about the actions and legacy of a
Stalin-esque mayor in a Georgian town in the 1930s. This is an extremely complicated film which is rich with
surrealism and symbolism. This is one of the most important Soviet films of the Gorbachev era – so the
assignment is relevant for the first two sections of the course.
According to the dictionary, “to repent” means to feel such regret for past sinful conduct as to change one’s mind
regarding it. Repentance usually involves the intention to change one’s behavior as a result of remorse or
contrition for one’s sins. The film Repentance highlights the “political sins” of many different characters. In your
paper, you will address the following two questions:
A) What are the “political sins” of this particular character?
B) Does this particular character carry out any kind of “repentance”? If so, how? If not, why not?
You should examine these two questions with the following characters:
1) Varlam Aravidze
2) Abel Aravidze
3) Tornike Aravidze
4) Ketevan Barateli
5) the town

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