What could influence a childs ability to thrive in a diverse society?

childs ability to thrive in a diverse society

Title: What could influence a child’s ability to thrive in a diverse society? (We needed to choose 2 factors:
Bilingualism (EAL) and global delay; each of them needs to be discussed totally separately not linking to each
other. Bilingualism is a social model and global delay is a medical model
Assessment criteria

  1. Conceptualise the notion of inclusion within an Early Years context
  2. Critically examine the impact of equality and adversity on learning and development which shows relevance
    to chosen topics
  3. Referring to a range of legislation examine policy and practice which embraces an anti-bias approach and
    challenges inequalities in society within the Early Years sector
    Required approach and assessment structure (Style Guide):
    -3cm Margins
    -1.5 or double line spacing
    -12 point Arial or Calibri font
    -Page numbers in the page footer
    -Accurate word Count (excluding Title and End-text reference list)

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