Consequences of the role of the internet and/social media and/ or online gaming in the socialization of children from 0years to teenage years- you can narrow it down to particular year/s for the purposes of your research

SO 101_Research Question Assignment Rubric

  1. Read the research question on Blackboard.
  2. Develop a working thesis statement (your argument).
  3. Research your thesis and utilize 4 (minimum number) legitimate sources (They can be internet sources, but you need to ensure your sources are academic and respectable sources).
    a. You may need to adjust and refine your thesis.
    b. Ensure that your sources help support your thesis.
    c. Outline your argument with evidence and examples from your research.
    d. Choose a bibliography format (APA or MLA) for your sources and be consistent.
    e. In your writing, do not plagiarize. Give credit where credit is due. Keep track of where you find your information.
  4. Write a 3 to 4-page paper.
    a. Format:
    i. Introduction that introduces your topic, pertinent background information, and your thesis.
    ii. Body paragraphs that have clear and concise topic sentences that set forth your main idea for that paragraph.
    iii. Sentences in the paragraphs that utilize strong supporting evidence and examples from your research.
    iv. Include images and graphics if they support your argument.
    v. A conclusion paragraph that restates your thesis and important findings.
    vi. A works cited page as your final page (5th page).
  5. Submit your work on Blackboard by the due date.

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