1.1 Interpret the term ‘intellectual property’ and explain how the subject matter protected by intellectual property rights.

Industrial and Intellectual Property Law


The assignment consists of three questions. You are expected to answer all three questions in this assignment. The suggested total word count for the assignment is 3000 words. Remember, all the words you use to answer the questions, including quotations and citations, count. You should use the mark allocation for each question as a guide to the number of words required as follows:

Question             Percentage of mark        Suggested word count

1                              30%                                        900

2                              30%                                        900

3                              40%                                        1200

You must provide a reference list and a word count at the end of your work. The reference list is not included in the word count.

Task 1

1.1 Interpret the term ‘intellectual property’ and explain how the subject matter protected by intellectual property rights.

1.2 Identify different types of intellectual property and laws associated with them.

1.3 Critically analyse the impacts of intellectual property on public interest.

1.4 Explain issues relating to the breach of confidential information in the intellectual property.

Task 2

2.1. Explain the underlying principles of copyright.

2.2. Interpret trademark and its various elements to protect words and symbols

2.3. Evaluate the forms of copyright laws in UK, Europe and at international level.

2.4. Explain the framework of trademark law as operated in UK, Europe and internationally with reference to Trademark Law Treaty and Community Trademark System.

2.5. Evaluate limits, enforcement and infringement of copyright and trademark.

Task 3

3.1. Critically analyse the justifications for intellectual property.

3.2. Provide sanctions for misuse of intellectual property including civil and criminal remedies.

3.3. Explain law of industrial designs

3.4. Explain legal and administrative mode to apply for or to deal with infringement of industrial property rights.

3.5. Explain the UK law national registered design right and an unregistered design right system

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