Affordability of college has become an important political issue. Should public colleges be tuition-free for all students?

Annotated Bibliography

Select one of the following topics.  Begin locating and evaluating sources that would be useful in gathering information about your chosen topic.  Write a working thesis for your topic.  Search for credible sources that support your thesis.  Develop an annotated bibliography of ten sources.  Annotations should include a summary of the source and information indicating the sources’ credibility.  

  1. Affordability of college has become an important political issue.  Should public colleges be tuition-free for all students?  Should only community colleges be tuition-free?  Should tuition be based on ability to pay?   
  1. Is increased testing for K-12 students an effective way to raise academic standards?  In what ways?     
  1. Only about 0.5% of the U.S. population is currently serving in the military.  Should the United States have mandatory military service as a way to increase this percentage?  Who should be required to serve?  Who should be exempt?
  • Retailers and social media companies are gathering and selling data from smartphones, social apps, and other online sources about their customers and clients.  Is this a danger to consumer’s and/or citizen’s privacy?  Should regulations be placed on these companies that would limit their access to consumer data?  Should companies be required to obtain permission from consumers before gathering and selling their data?   
  • Should parents and other interested citizens be permitted to censor textbooks and other literature for students in schools?  Under what circumstances?

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