Should the United States raise the minimum wage for workers?

Research Paper Assignment


To gain an understanding of American government through study and research of individually given topic

To further perfect proper term paper format through the use of citations and bibliography


Student will be assigned specific topics relating to American Government.

Paper must be TYPED with no typos or grammatical errors

Paper must contain intext citations

Paper must be double-spaced, no less than 5 pages, and no more than 10 pages

Paper must contain a title page with title of paper, course name, student’s name and due date.

Title page, the abstract, and Reference page are NOT part of the 5-10-page count.


Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable source

Newspaper and periodical sources are fine. Published books are best!

Use only reputable sources

Paper must contain a minimum 5 sources / references

  • a maximum of three of these sources may be computer-generated
  • computer generated sources MUST have a publisher and date published
  • be prepared to cite your sources and references
  • information verifiably published elsewhere that is retrieved from the Internet is NOT considered a computer-generated source. Examples: text of” I Have a Dream” speech, magazine archives, and newspaper archives.

Use APA format for references and citations.


Most topics will reflect the FEDERAL government, local or state, and be about something current or within the last 40 years or so. Incorporate both your knowledge of history, and government- where you should focus on effects of government action on people’s lives today and in the recent past, and on how the various branches of government deal with the topic.

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