Harvard Business Review Paper Presentation

  1. Harvard Business Review Paper Presentation (20 marks)

Each team is expected to find a paper related to marketing (the best is a paper related to financial marketing) in Harvard Business Review and make a presentation to explain the paper to the classmates. The first slide of your presentation should include the title, your team number/name, and the names of every team member. There is no restriction on the maximum number of slides your team can use. Taking into account the restrictive time factor, it is advisable for your team to focus the points that you consider to be the most important.

You are expected to hand in your presentation slide to the teaching assistant (TA) on 16th Oct. The presentation will be on 21th, Oct. Each team is given 10 minutes to present the paper to classmates. The details are listed below:

  1. Learn how to use the database in SUSTech library and find an interesting paper by using the database.
  2. Present the paper to classmates (e.g., background, key points, why it is interesting/important, how to extend the idea proposed in the paper)
  3.  Answer the questions proposed by professor and classmates

The following rubric shows the various aspects of the content of the paper presentation to be assessed:

  Criterion  Above Expectation (16)  Meets Expectation (12 to 16)  Below Expectation (<12)
Understand the key points of the paperDemonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the paper.Demonstrate an adequate understanding of the paper.No attempt in analyzing the paper and cannot summarize the paper in a proper way.
Demonstrate critical thinkingPresent and discuss the paper in a coherent and logical way.Present and discuss the paper in an acceptable way. But still have spaces to improve.Lack any logical flow in presentation and discussion and cannot answer the questions properly.

Important Notes 

  1. The requirements of the assignments are subjected to any changes in the circumstances. If necessary, changes to the assignments may need to be made during the semester. If that is the case, students will be informed as soon as possible.
  2. All university rules and regulations need to be complied with and will supersede any guidance given here. 
  3. Students are to make and keep backup copies of all their submissions. In the unlikely event of a loss, the backup copies will be required.
  4. When your professor grades your assignments, considerations will be given to all relevant circumstances. For example, late submissions, submissions not in compliance with the specifications, and presentations exceeding the specified time duration.

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