family relationships at adolescence and how different factors such as parenting approaches affect their development

APA Format
Include Citations
5 pages minimum double-spaced
Reference Chapter 4 of Adolescence by Laurence Steinberg, 12th Edition
In-depth analysis of the topic, covering points such as:
-Is conflict between teenagers and parents inevitable?; Generation Gap, What do parents & teenagers usually fight about.

  • Family Relationships at adolescence; changes in family needs and functions, immigrant family concerns, sex differences in family relationships
  • relationship between family relationships and adolescent development; parenting styles and their effects, adolescents relationships with siblings
  • Genetic Influences on Adolescent Development; why are siblings often so different?
  • The Adolescents Family in a Changing Society; adolescents & divorce, custody issues, impact of marital conflict, long-term effects of divorce, remarriage, economic stress, special family forms
  • The Importance of the Family in Adolescent Development

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