Compare and Contrast Two states

Compare and Contrast

Essay 2 Instructions


  • Write a full 3 page compare and contrast essay.
  • Read the sample essay called “Brains vs. Brawn” to get an idea (you may follow that essay format if you wish).

In this essay, you will compare and contrast two things.  Make sure you highlight the importance of both things.  In other words, why should the reader care to read about this?  Make sure you enlighten the readers about both subjects.

The specific points of similarity and difference will be important, but you will go beyond them to draw a conclusion from your analysis.  Therefore, your thesis needs to be more than “point A is different from point B” or “I prefer subject B to subject A.”  You will need to explain why you have drawn your conclusion.

You’ll also need to provide specific supporting evidence to explain your position and to convince your readers of its soundness.

You may write an impartial paper that distinctly portrays both subjects, or you might show why you favor one over the other.

If you are writing about a personal experience, for example, if you are writing about two places you lived in or two relationships, you may write it in the first person, “I”. 

These are some examples to compare and contrast (you may choose your own topic):

Two friends

Two teachers

Two schools

Two relationships

Two homes

Two cities

Two states

Two cultures

Two relatives

Two places in Houston

Two hobbies

Two concerts

Two artists


Once again, look at the sample essay called “Brains vs. Brawn”.  You may follow the outline used for this essay.

Also, the readings and stories in the assignments will provide great examples of a compare and contrast essay.

Your paper needs to:

  • have a title and an effective introduction
  • have a thesis statement  (This is your least sentence in the introduction). 
  • use effective paragraphing
  • logically organized ideas or sequence of events
  • correct use of dialogue
  • transitions to help paper “flow”
  • have an effective conclusion
  • use a variety of sentence types
  • avoid problems with wordiness, language, or “clutter”
  • be edited carefully
  • be typed, double-spaced
  • have an MLA heading on the upper left-hand corner on the first page:
  • Your name
  • Professor’s name (Carlos Palacios)
  • Class (ENGL 1301 or English 1301)
  • Due date
  • include as a header your last name and page number on the upper right-hand corner.
  • Include YOUR OWN TITLE. 

Submission Requirements:

  • Due Date: Sunday, November 1, 2020
  • Double space
  • Indent each paragraph
  • Submit the essay through the dropbox.
  • Font: Times New Roman
  • 12 pt. size
  • 3 pgs. or more

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