Finding and Targeting Your People

Week 4 Lecture
Chapter 7 of the course text, Principles of Marketing
Geodemographic Segmentation: Finding Your People

Geodemographics is a common and effective means to segment potential customers. Leveraging both demographic (e.g., gender, age, income, marital status) and psychographic (e.g., habits, hobbies, spending habits, values) data, households can be classified into segments, and the relative attractiveness of these segments for your product or service can be determined.

In this discussion forum, you’re going to take the geodemographic system Claritas (Links to an external site.) and determine which segment best describes you. Then, exploring map data, you’ll assess how common your segment is for where you live and where you could live among more people like yourself! Finally, with knowledge of your segment’s profile, you’re going to suggest a promotion for your internship brand targeted specifically to your segment.

Part 1A-visit Claritas ZIP Code look up. -enter your ZIP Code and hit submit. ( – Review the information including the household by income, household by composition, popularity by age, and popularity by race and ethnicity. Part 1B-discuss, in detail, to what extent does information match you and your household and how common your segment is where you live. Part 2A-now it’s time to think deeper about segmentation and targeting to market your proposed product or service for your internship company. -visit the Claritas segment details page.

In a word document you will be provided my internship company which is Taco Bell. The Product , I proposed is a fat-free pizza to replace the Mexican pizza on the menu

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