What are your take-aways from the reading?

Fulfillment of requirements
Each course module has sets of assigned readings. Students are required to submit reading
reflections (~800 words, letter size, single-spaced, 11 font) of the readings, including one discussion
question from each reading set to be discussed in class. Please follow the guidelines below for
reading assignments:
• Reflections are not summaries. For each reading, instead of summarizing the contents, select one or
two topics that interest you the most. Discuss your own understanding/ views/ comments/
agreements/ disagreements on the selected topics. Consider asking the following questions: do you
agree with the reading arguments? What examples from real life can you connect with the reading?
What are your take-aways from the reading? What you like or dislike about the reading?
• Create one separate paragraph for each reading. For example, if a reading set has four readings,
use four paragraphs. Be sure to mention the reading you are discussing.
• At the end of each reflection, include one discussion question from each assigned reading.
Discussion questions are inquiries that you would like to discuss in class with others. These questions
should generate out of the readings. You may contextualize the questions within the readings or
briefly explain the context of the questions for better discussion.
• Do not use sentences or lines from the readings in your reflection. Write in your own words.
• Write complete sentences, do not use bullet points.
• Any external references (materials/ terms/ sentences/ phrases quoted from other authors) should be
properly cited. Use in-text Chicago style citations. Please follow this link for more information on
citations: https://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/home.htmlLinks to an external site.. No need to cite
the assigned readings. You may use one additional page for citations.
• Reading reflections should be between 700 to 800 words, excluding references, titles, or names.
• There should be no grammatical errors in the reading reflections. Please use either MS Word’s
Spellcheck or free applications like Grammarly (https://app.grammarly.comLinks to an external site.)
to edit your document before submission.
Kostkof (1991). The City Shaped: Urban Patterns and Meanings Through History.
Chapter: “Organic Patterns”. Pp. 43 – 94.

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