Pho origin story

Paper details:

report essay on a specific food is Pho. Report about past, present and future of Pho- Vietnamese food.
Written all in third person point of view (no I, me, my, we, us, etc…)
Provides sufficient, interesting, and accurate details on the evolution of the topic from past to present to possible future

Consider reporting (who, what, when, where, why, how) on a few of the following aspects…
Earliest known origins
Agricultural process
Cultural importance
Technological development
Controversies (unhealthy? inhumane?)
Common misconceptions or myths
Other uses/application other than food and drink
Follows a clear and logical structure
Paragraphs are focused
Includes ‘thesis statement’ on topic’s relevance
Cites at least three credible sources, including one print source (*print source is encouraged but optional due to current pandemic situation)

Avoid Wikipedia
Consider publisher, author, audience, currency, and documentation of each source
Start thinking about print source early, may be harder to find for certain topics
Integrating Sources
Integrate source material effectively, mainly paraphrasing information and limiting direct quotes

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