Secondary Research Summary

Exercises 2.2 Research Summaries

Once your research proposal has been approved, your team will have two weeks to complete your research. At the end of each week, your team will post a summary of your research findings to Research Summaries space on the discussion board. See details in the assignment directions below.

Exercise 2.2 – Complete secondary research
Secondary research is research already done by other people and existing out there in the world at the library, online, etc.

Exercise 2.2 – Secondary research

Your mission for this week is to collect all of the secondary sources you’ll need to answer questions/provide support for the research questions/tasks outlined in your research proposal, see what you’ve come up with as a group, and then summarize what you’ve found.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Individual: Complete research on the topics assigned to you and add your sources to your team’s shared bibliography.  For each source:
  2. Include a Citation: Paste a complete and properly formatted citation in the style your team is using. (You can use a citation generator like Zotero bib to generate citations if you wish.)
  3. Include a Summary: Write a brief (1-2 sentence) summary of the main idea of the article OR paraphrase the specific content/sentences you intend to draw on.
  4. Write a 1-page summary of your research findings and submit to your Research Director.

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