Is it that an effective sponsor is key to effective and successful projects

Assessment task details and instructions:

Is it that an effective sponsor is key to effective and successful projects? or

is it the presence of an effective project manager that improves project success?’

The context for your assignment is a project managed by KevKo, a UK business involving the design, build, and handover of a 5G data and telecoms system in the Middle East.

The advent of the COVID 19 pandemic and political instability has badly delayed the project. The project manager is a very experienced and competent person but feels that the business case is not viable given the changed situation.

KK the entrepreneur founder and Chief Executive Officer of KevKo believes that it is the Project Manager that is at fault and that good risk management and a better project manager would have prevented the present problems.

The project steering group have asked the project Sponsor to report on the situation and present possible solutions to the conflict between the CEO and project manager.

Critically discuss the role of the project sponsor in project management utilising appropriate theoretical models to identify how the sponsor should champion the project and relate to the project manager.

In your answer you should discuss issues such as:

  • Team building and motivation
  • Leadership
  • How Risk and conflict management can help in the success of projects.

You will need to take the following into account when completing your assignment.

  • Establishment of relevant theory (e.g. what do we mean by role conflict in a project management context and what is the relationship between sponsor, executives and project managers in theoretical terms?).
  • Allocation of credit and sources used (minimum 30 references Harvard Referencing System)
  • Clarity of argument and relevance to the project management context;
  • Overall report presentation including spelling and grammar;
  • Use of examples, figures, tables, illustrations and statistics that indicate wider/independent reading ((remember figures and diagrams will not be counted towards your word limit))
  • Word count have to be 3000 words (+/- 10%).  Your word count is from the introduction to conclusion sections.  Therefore, it does not include title page, abstract, table of contents, reference section, and any tables or diagrams or illustrations. If the assignment exceeds these limits, the work in excess of 3’300 words is not marked.
  • Word processed (letter size 12, times new roman, 1.5 space)
  • fully referenced (Harvard Referencing System);
  • Please follow a report format.  Therefore, Structure of the Report should be:
  • Title Page (not included for word count)
  • Abstract (not included for word count)
  • Table of content (not included for word count)
  • Introduction
  • Body of report
  • Conclusion
  • References (not included for word count)
  • Please try to use theory explicitly at all stages, but do not spend too much time describing a theory. While you must be explicit about the theories, models, techniques etc. that you use, you can assume that the reader is familiar with them. What the reader requires is evidence of your ability to understand and apply the theory and learn from in order to support the development of your findings and/or ideas.

Assessment Criteria

Marking Scheme

Use of theory30
Quality of argument10
Reference to course ideas10
Citation and References10


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