What is unique about the GOOGLE culture?

Answers these questions: *each of the questions should have separate answer!

*Topic: Google:

  1. What is unique about the GOOGLE culture?
  2. Will GOOGLE be able to sustain this type of culture?
  3. What might be some aspects of the DARK SIDE of Google?
  4. Why is GOOGLE training their employees in mindfulness? Is there also a dark side to mindfulness training?

*Topic: Corporate Ethics:

RESPOND to these topic posts, dealing with Social, Ethical and Environmental Responsibility**

TOPIC: Advertising to Children

Advertising to children – while some argue that advertising to children is taking advantage of their lack of cognitive development, others feel it is fair game to help them satisfy needs and wants.

TOPIC: Advertising and Public Space

Advertising and public space – Naomi Klein expressed concern that certain forms of advertising and promotions compromise public space, while others (specifically branding) are “invasive.” Others feel that advertising is fair game, and even desirable to consumers.

TOPIC: Labor Practices

Labor practices in developing countries – while some argue that paying workers pennies a day to manufacture goods for export actually benefits developing countries and their citizens, others feel that this practice is unfair.

*Topic: Apple:

  1. What role did the late Steve Jobs play in leading and managing innovation at Apple?
  2. How do you account for the success of Apple products, particulary the iPod, iPhones, and iPads? The early Macintosh?
  3. Do you believe Tim Cook, the new CEO of Apple can carry on the legacy of Jobs? Explain using key concepts from the chapter.
  4. What unique personality traits did Steve Jobs display? How did that influence his approach to innovation?

*Topic: Jazz at Work:

  1. Why does this approach to team-building work?
  2. How might the “jazz metaphor” be useful for teams?
  3. How might this approach be applied to other situations?

**Answer these questions: *each of the questions should have separate answer or like small paragragh!

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