Incarceration of Mentally Ill Individuals

Research Paper Part II: Literature Review (2nd part)

Using this annotated bibliography, the second part to the literature review requires use to provide a detailed literature review of your chosen topic, centered upon the sources from your annotated bibliography plus any additional resources necessary to support your proposed project based on feedback.

• This section should consist of an introduction to your topic, a review of prior research and a conclusion section which sums up the current state of the issue relative to the research findings you discussed. o What this section of the paper should not be is a topical summary of an issue. By this I mean you should not turn in a paper which describing or defining community policing. If your topic is community policing, the literature review should focus on, for example, the effectiveness of foot patrol in reducing nuisance crimes or whether community policing reduces citizen fear. Turning in a topical summary will most likely result in a failing grade for the entire paper.

• There is no minimum requirement on how many empirical studies you should include in your paper, and, by extension, no page requirement. The grading rubric encourages you to include 5 or more resources to be eligible for full credit for this section.

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