Describe the developmental risk factors your niece was exposed to as described by your sister

ANSWER THE QUESTIONS IN TWO PAGES USING EXAMPLES FROM VIGNETTE AS WELL AS THE FILES ATTACHED: Describe the developmental risk factors your niece was exposed to as described by your sister.  Describe the developmental protective factors your sister tried to employ to protect your niece.  Using the four theoretical perspectives that provide social context for substance misuse, describe what could have been going on with your niece in relation to her family, friends and peer group, and neighborhood.  Make sure you discuss all four theories.

Critical Reading Response Instructions Answer the following critical reading response questions regarding the following vignette. Support your answers with examples from the vignette as well as course readings. Also, feel free to add to the vignette to flesh out concepts in the questions. You should use APA guidelines to cite and support your answers. Make sure you cite the course readings to support your claims. Also, each paper is your chance to show me all that you have learned on the topics outlined below. In total, the Critical Reading Responses are work 25% of your grade.

Of the 5 points for each Critical Reading Response you get credit for the following:

 • 1 point: Correct answer

• 1 point: Use info from vignette to support your answer

• 1 point: Use info from course readings from that module to support your answer

• 1 point: Are your ideas clearly stated, organized into paragraphs with linking statements, and grammatically correct?

• 1 point: Demonstration of critical thinking in answer


 Your sister has come to you concerned because she just found out that her daughter has been using prescription drugs over the past year. Your sister found out from the school and when she confronted your niece this was the story given in response: Last year when your sister’s partner had back surgery there was medication left over that your niece started taking from the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. Once that supply ran out your niece started buying similar prescription drugs from a kid at school, but when that became too expensive your niece switched to an illicit drug that had similar effects. Now your niece is using this illicit drug on a daily basis in increasing amounts and has begun to steal from your sister and her partner to support her habit. Your niece was also caught stealing from neighbors and friends. When your sister asked your niece why not just stop, her reply was “I am afraid of the withdrawal symptoms.” Your sister feels horribly guilty about your niece’s substance misuse problem since she divorced your niece’s father. However, you reassure your sister that she has provided a stable home for your niece, has her engaged in religious services, lives in a tight community, and your niece attends a good school. Your sister feels like although your niece’s father in absent from her life due to his alcoholism, it was for your niece’s own good, as he saw no problem with his alcoholism and disruptive argumentative behavior. She also feels she and her partner are very close with your niece. However, your sister has been concerned over the past year that your niece’s friends have changed, and your niece seems to have distanced herself from your sister. Your sister is also disappointed because your niece used to be on the volleyball team and hang out with other girls from the team, but she was cut from the team after missing several practices and games

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