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History 310                                                                   Book Review/Analysis Assignment

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Paper #1

  • Your papers are to be typewritten and five pages in length double-spaced.
  • Please give attention to format and mechanical rules previously discussed in the syllabus.
  • Paper #1 is to be done on Alexander Hamilton: The Graphic History by Jonathan Hennessey

Some things to think about in your book review essay:

1.  What is the author’s premise in the book with regards to economic history and theory in the time period under consideration?  What is he trying to accomplish?  Deal with the premise or overall element of what is being done within the work.  Is the author successful in achieving the purpose or not historically?  Be specific and substantiate with elements from the text for support.

2.  Does the book represent new or traditional interpretation on the economic/historical era under consideration?  Consult ONE outside source on the period of time or historical era to help substantiate this element of the assignment.  Look at historiography on the period to draw this conclusion.  Are the author’s statements/factual analysis/conclusions consistent with those of others of the era in economic history?  Substantiate with evidence from the text and outside source to substantiate your position.

3.  What are the author’s main arguments from a factual standpoint?  What is the author of the work attempting to postulate about American economic historical development?  Address what you consider to be the main elements and issues of thematic consideration and support them.

4.  Does the author present or demonstrate any bias of a particular economic or historical view of thought?  Are there areas that do not have factual support that represent the author’s policy or historical interpretation that cannot be substantiated as presented?  Take a position and support yourself on this.

5.  Grading:  Remember that the content part of the grade is to deal in all parts of the assignment with what are the major historical and economic policies/arguments as you see them.  Support and substantiation are important.  Use factual text reference to prove your assertions.  Mechanics, style, structure, organization and content equally comprise your grade determination.  Careless and sloppy work will cost you points.

Mechanical considerations/reminders:

a.  Be conscious of paragraph structure.

b.  Do not use contractions.

c.  Do not use personal pronoun reference or first person.

d.  Examine and be careful of introductions, topic sentences, transitional

sentences and conclusions.

e.  Be conscious of endnote, parenthetical, and bibliographic


f.  Proofread for all mechanical, structural, and organizational errors.

(run-on sentences, comma splices, spelling, grammatical usage, and


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