Actors in the thesis project process

Critical Thinking: Actors in the thesis project process

In each stage of the thesis project process a set of tasks are assigned to some or all actors.

  1. Describe the role of each actor in each stage.
  2. Link these tasks to the purpose of the thesis roject.
    During the project process there are a set of checkpoints that should be satisfied to start with a strong project proposal.
  3. Explain in which stages these checkpoints should be conducted and who are the actors of these checkpoints.
  4. The relevance and the originality of a project thesis topic are considered as important assessment criteria.

Explain with an example from Computer Science or from the Information Systems domains the difference between relevance and originality.

Your paper should be 2-3 pages in length, not counting the title or reference pages,
which must also be included. Include at least one scholarly reference in addition to
the course textbook. The Saudi Digital Library is a good source of resources. Your
paper must follow academic writing standards and
APA style guidelines, as appropriate

Text book is uploaded
for scholary reference use: google scholar

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