List five necessary criteria and five desirable criteria you might apply when Buying a smartphone

Buying a smartphone

Question One

The following are the necessary criteria when choosing a smartphone. They include; it should be one with an affordable data plan, essential features, durable, functioning correctly, and its quality. Consequently, the desirable criteria include my favorable color, latest version, large information storage space, nice camera and voice control and one with ultimate talking and texting (Gibson, Hassan & Tansey, 2013).

Regarding choosing a major, one that will result in a job immediately, with benefits, required class fun, affordable and that requires four years to complete, are the desirable criteria. A major should be one that provides well-paying job, good performance, competitive programs, is it offered my college of choice, and will it result in an enjoyable job, as it’s necessary criteria.

Choosing a company to work for requires desirable criteria including one with a friendly work environment, flexible work schedules, provision of sick leave and bonuses, high salary and my ability to agree with its values. While the necessary criteria include; if it has primary benefits and health insurance, opportunities for promotion, favorable work schedule, a workload that I can handle, and delight work position.

Purchasing a car requires desirable criteria ranging its color, extra features I enjoy, four-wheel drive, spacious, and excellent safety ratings (Gibson, Hassan & Tansey, 2013). While if the car is affordable, safe, conditioned, worth within my area roads, and good mileage are the necessary criteria.

When choosing a place to live while attending college, desirable criteria include; if the house is spacious, pet-friendly, garage parking, affordable and if it includes utilities. Necessary criteria include if we can share with my roommate, locality, distance with college, required conditions and area security.

Question Two

To:  United States to travel and immigration agency

From: international travel issues for Americans department

Subject: finding helpful resources for Americans traveling outside the country

I do moment wish to submit this report as a recommendation regarding the United States citizens who want to travel to various destinations outside the country. The report includes the recommendations and options provided by the department of homeland security concerning traveling between the U.S, and how often one would wish to travel outside the country plus their safety there. All those options and requirements are available through the agency website;

The recommendations of the report differed from those discussed because it is just like a notice without many recommendations but directed to their website. The recommendations lack elements of participant contributions in its sections. The differences reflect the audience since all issues related to international traveling procedures including currency exchange in the country of destination is outlined clearly as per the report purpose and subject.

Question Three

The model of a parliamentary rule to adopt is the point of order request by members since what seems to be the chief instigator of chaos among students during the meetings, was poor chances given to those who wanted to participate in the discussions. Several models will also be combined to help avert such chaos in our future meetings such as voting procedures, the speaker’s list among others.

To: The college instructor

From: The student association administrative council

Subject: Adoption of parliamentary procedures during student’s meetings

Regarding the chaos witnessed during our meetings, the student’s council have decided to adopt the point of order as a parliamentary model to avoid the occurrence of such chaos. The design will integrate members during discussions, bring to the chair attention of what might have been missed during debates and members who might feel left out by the head can speak out their minds (Thompson, 2016).  The only disadvantage is that, if not managed well by the chair the number of those who will arise in a point of order may increase leading to noise.

Question Four

The request for a proposal I found is for the future of life institute. The Institute is a non-governmental organization dealing with finding solutions for the growing world population and its effects on global climate changes. In the research proposal, they want to see how the $ 1.8 million they released is going to complete the research on artificial intelligence risk reduction in general terms (Soares, 2016). They used preliminary observations to evaluate the research studies.


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Von Glahn, G., & Taulbee, J. L. (2015). Law among nations: an introduction to public international law. Routledge.

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