The Leadership Journal

CBM210: The Leadership Journal

A potential important aid in your development as a leader is to maintain journal of your leadership experiences. Make a journal entry within twenty-four hours of action upon which you want to reflect – reflection is a vital part of this process. Write a reflective journal to increase self-awareness and understanding by recording personal events, reflect or think about those events in terms of your emotional reaction and behavior. Use the following structure to help gain the most benefit from the process:

  • Describe the event or issue encountered.
  • Describe your reaction and behavior. Your emotional reaction is as important as your thinking process.
  • Think about why you believe you reacted the way you did. Think about the ideas shared in class that might assist your understanding.
  • Describe how this new understanding may assist you to deal with future events, how it may lead to change of behavior, or how it has identified learning needs.

Journal Entry

Reflection for Topic based on Assessments:            ____________________________

Event/Issue Encountered            
Personal Reaction/ Behavior            
Thoughts on Reaction            
Possible Change Factors/Identification of Learning Targets              

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